Getting Receipt Copies

Order Confirmation and Receipts

When you place an order with us, an order confirmation email will be sent to the email address associated with your account. This email serves as your initial receipt and includes essential details such as:

  • Order number
  • Itemized list of purchased products
  • Billing and shipping information
  • Payment method

Please keep this confirmation email for your records. It’s a handy reference in case you need to track your order or request assistance.

Generating an Invoice

Once your order is completed, an official invoice or receipt will be automatically generated. This detailed document provides a comprehensive breakdown of your purchase, including:

  • Subtotal
  • Taxes (if applicable)
  • Shipping charges
  • Total amount paid

You can access your invoice by logging into your account and navigating to the “Order History” section. From there, select the specific order you’d like to view, and you’ll find a downloadable PDF version of your invoice.

Didn’t Receive Your Receipt?

In rare cases where you don’t receive an email confirmation or invoice, don’t worry! Follow these steps:

  1. Check Your Spam Folder: Sometimes automated emails end up in spam folders. Look there first.

  2. Contact Our Support Team: If you still can’t find your receipt, reach out to our customer support via our “Contact Us” page or our online chat. We’ll promptly assist you and ensure you receive the necessary documentation.


If you have any questions related to receipts, invoices, or your order history, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help!

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